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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

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Canada has relished the flavors of Cilantro at White Rocks. We have been a huge success ever since we started because of our uncompromising quality, which makes us different from the rest. We serve the most authentic Cuisine. Keeping your health in mind we use the choicest ingredients. Order now and savor yourself with a scrumptious treat. We will be glad to dish up for you.

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Mughlai Cuisine

Mughlai cuisine, a trendy Asian cuisine that has gained popularity world over, is made up of a rich buffet of main dishes and an array of flavorful accompaniments. As well as borrowing elements from Persian, Turkish and other Central Asian cuisines, this characteristic cooking style exhibits strong influences that reflect the style and splendor of 16th century imperial kitchens of the Mughal Empire.

Elaborate preparation and slow cooking or roasting is also inherent to Mughlai cooking, as is its own vocabulary of cooking terms. While you could ask any of our staff for assistance with regard to the Mughlai terms on the menu, it would help if you knew of some of the general terms used. For instance, the word tikka, refers to bite-sized pieces, morsels or chunks of meat; chicken tikka refers to pre-marinated pieces of grilled chicken and chicken tikka masala refers to the above grilled pieces of chicken served in a thick creamy gravy. Attesting to the popularity of the dish, today, nearly 20 tons of Chicken Tikka Masalas are consumed every week in Britain, making it the country’s true national dish.
Tandoori meats and breads are other popular Mughlai dishes. Contrary to popular belief, tandoori is not a recipe, it is a form of cooking; it is just that over time the cooking method has become synonymous with the prepared food. In tandoori cooking, the marinated meat, tandoori, is cooked over intense heat, sometimes reaching over 265 degrees C, in large clay ovens called tandoor. Marinated meat pieces are threaded on long metal skewers and then lowered into the heat of the tandoor, until done. Flattened dough pressed against the walls of the tandoor result in tandoor rotis (breads).

Another popular form of cooking in Mughlai cuisine is the kadhai, or traditional Indian wok, where the dishes are cooked rapidly retaining much of the rich fresh flavor of the ingredients. Less wide but deeper than a traditional Japanese or Chinese wok, the Indian kadhai cooking uses little or no oil, relying instead on the natural juices of the ingredients and a tomato based sauce along with a savory mixture of garlic and other spices and herbs.

Korma is another favored form of cooking Mughlai dishes. Korma is the equivalent of braising, a combination cooking method where the food is first rapidly seared at high temperatures and then finished through a long, slow cooking process in a covered pot with a variable amount of water, stock, yogurt or cream to produce a specific flavor.


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